Commit 36cbe217 authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen
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Fix wrong documentation on nnmairix keystrokes

* doc/misc/gnus.texi (nnmairix keyboard shortcuts): The
nnmairix commands are on G G, not $ (bug#18260).
parent 6b4195f2
......@@ -21857,37 +21857,37 @@ In summary mode:
@table @kbd
@item $ m
@kindex $ m (Summary)
@item G G m
@kindex G G m (Summary)
@findex nnmairix-widget-search-from-this-article
Allows you to create a mairix query or group based on the current
message using graphical widgets (same as @code{nnmairix-widget-search})
@item $ g
@kindex $ g (Summary)
@item G G g
@kindex G G g (Summary)
@findex nnmairix-create-search-group-from-message
Interactively creates a new search group with query based on the current
message, but uses the minibuffer instead of graphical widgets
@item $ t
@kindex $ t (Summary)
@item G G t
@kindex G G t (Summary)
@findex nnmairix-search-thread-this-article
Searches thread for the current article
(@code{nnmairix-search-thread-this-article}). This is effectively a
shortcut for calling @code{nnmairix-search} with @samp{m:msgid} of the
current article and enabled threads.
@item $ f
@kindex $ f (Summary)
@item G G f
@kindex G G f (Summary)
@findex nnmairix-search-from-this-article
Searches all messages from sender of the current article
(@code{nnmairix-search-from-this-article}). This is a shortcut for
calling @code{nnmairix-search} with @samp{f:From}.
@item $ o
@kindex $ o (Summary)
@item G G o
@kindex G G o (Summary)
@findex nnmairix-goto-original-article
(Only in @code{nnmairix} groups!) Tries determine the group this article
originally came from and displays the article in this group, so that,
......@@ -21896,8 +21896,8 @@ parameters are applied (@code{nnmairix-goto-original-article}). This
function will use the registry if available, but can also parse the
article file name as a fallback method.
@item $ u
@kindex $ u (Summary)
@item G G u
@kindex G G u (Summary)
@findex nnmairix-remove-tick-mark-original-article
Remove possibly existing tick mark from original article
(@code{nnmairix-remove-tick-mark-original-article}). (@pxref{nnmairix
......@@ -22051,7 +22051,7 @@ activate the always-unread feature by using @kbd{G b r} twice.
So far so good---but how do you remove the tick marks in the @code{nnmairix}
group? There are two options: You may simply use
@code{nnmairix-remove-tick-mark-original-article} (bound to @kbd{$ u}) to remove
@code{nnmairix-remove-tick-mark-original-article} (bound to @kbd{G G u}) to remove
tick marks from the original article. The other possibility is to set
@code{nnmairix-propagate-marks-to-nnmairix-groups} to @code{t}, but see the above
comments about this option. If it works for you, the tick marks should
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