Commit 3742f39f authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(tar-mode-revert): Cope if user cancels the revert.

parent 57e3d22a
......@@ -630,11 +630,19 @@ appear on disk when you save the tar-file's buffer."
;; Revert the buffer and recompute the dired-like listing.
(defun tar-mode-revert (&optional no-autosave no-confirm)
(setq tar-header-offset nil)
(let ((revert-buffer-function nil))
(revert-buffer t no-confirm)
(let ((revert-buffer-function nil)
(old-offset tar-header-offset)
(setq tar-header-offset nil)
(and (revert-buffer t no-confirm)
(progn (widen)
(setq success t)
;; If the revert was canceled,
;; put back the old value of tar-header-offset.
(or success
(setq tar-header-offset old-offset)))))
(defun tar-next-line (p)
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