Commit 374585c9 authored by Carsten Dominik's avatar Carsten Dominik
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(org-export-visible): Fix drawers before export.

	(org-do-sort): Allow sorting by priority.
	(org-agenda-files): Ignore non-existing files.
	(org-agenda-skip-unavailable-files): New variable.
	(org-ellipsis): All a face as value.
	(org-mode): Interprete the face value of `org-ellipsis'.
	(org-archive-save-context-info): New option.
	(org-archive-subtree): Store context info in archived entry.
	(org-fast-tag-selection-can-set-todo-state): New variable.
	(org-fast-tag-selection): Allow setting TODO states through this
	(org-cycle): Docstring updated.
	(org-todo-keyword-faces): New option.
	(org-get-todo-face): New function.
	(org-set-font-lock-defaults, org-agenda-highlight-todo): Use
	(org-switch-to-buffer-other-window): New function.
	(org-table-edit-field, org-table-show-reference)
	(org-table-edit-formulas, org-add-log-note)
	(org-fast-tag-selection, org-agenda, org-prepare-agenda)
	(org-timeline): Use `org-switch-to-buffer-other-window' instead of
	`switch-to-buffer-other-window' to make sure that the temporary
	windows show up on the current frame.
	(org-mhe-get-message-real-folder, org-batch-store-agenda-views)
	(org-get-entries-from-diary, org-replace-region-by-html): Don't
	allow pop-up frames.
	(org-agenda-get-deadlines, org-agenda-get-scheduled): Fixed
	problems with time-of-day.
	(org-export-get-title-from-subtree): New function.
	(org-agenda-get-scheduled, org-agenda-get-deadlines): Fix problems
	with listing items that are DONE.
	(org-change-tag-in-region): New command.
	(org-agenda-skip-deadline-if-done): Docstring clarified.
	(org-mode): Hide drawers on startup.
	(org-get-todo-face): New function.
	(org-todo-keyword-faces): New option.
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2007-08-30 Carsten Dominik <>
* org.texi: Version 5.07
2007-08-29 Glenn Morris <>
* emacs.texi (EMACSVER): Increase to 23.0.50.
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