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A continuous build for Emacs trunk can be found at
A continuous build for Emacs can be found at
* It builds (and runs ERT tests) on these platforms:
* It builds Emacs on various platforms.
Sometimes jobs fail due to hydra problems rather than Emacs problems.
Eg it seems like the cygwin build will never work again.
* Mail notifications
In addition to the web interface, Hydra can send notifications by
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* The Emacs jobset consists of the following jobs:
** The `tarball' job
which gets the source tree as input, and is just a `make dist' after
some autoconf/-make or bootstrap script.
which gets a checkout from bzr, and does a bootstrap followed
by running make-dist to create a tarball. If this job fails, all the
others will too (because they use the tarball as input).
** The `build' job
which gets the result of the tarball job as input, together with
system identifier, this job basically does a normal make and make install.
which starts from the tarball and does a normal build
** The 'coverage' job
is now running `make check'.
does a gcov build and then runs `make check'. Fails if any test fails.
* Nix expressions
The recipe for GNU Emacs are available via Git:
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