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* etc/PROBLEMS: New entry about GTK+ 3 crash with some X servers.

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......@@ -217,6 +217,26 @@ result in an endless loop.
If you need Emacs to be able to recover from closing displays, compile
it with the Lucid toolkit instead of GTK.
** Emacs compiled with GTK+ 3 crashes when run under some X servers.
This happens when the X server does not provide certain display
features that the underlying GTK+ 3 toolkit assumes. For example, this
issue has been seen with remote X servers like X2Go. The symptoms
are an Emacs crash, possibly triggered by the mouse entering the Emacs
window, or an attempt to resize the Emacs window. The crash backtrace
contains a call to XQueryPointer.
This issue was fixed in the GTK+ 3 toolkit in commit 4b1c0256 in February 2018.
If your GTK+ 3 is still affected, you can avoid the issue by recompiling
Emacs with a different X toolkit, eg --with-toolkit=gtk2.
** Emacs compiled with GTK crashes at startup due to X protocol error.
This is known to happen on elementary OS GNU/Linux systems.
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