Commit 376b2a24 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love

(help-xref-stack): Doc fix.

(help-xref-following): New variable.
(help-make-xrefs): Use it.
(help-xref-go-back): Use position information from stack element.
(help-follow): Make position in stack element a pair.  Use
parent c9bba7ed
......@@ -107,8 +107,10 @@
(defvar help-xref-stack nil
"A stack of ways by which to return to help buffers after following xrefs.
Used by `help-follow' and `help-xref-go-back'.
An element looks like (POSITION FUNCTION ARGS...).
To use the element, do (apply FUNCTION ARGS) then (goto-char POSITION).")
An element looks like (POSITION FUNCTION ARGS...), where POSITION is
To use the element, do (apply FUNCTION ARGS) then goto the point in
the named buffer.")
(put 'help-xref-stack 'permanent-local t)
(defvar help-xref-stack-item nil
......@@ -287,9 +289,8 @@ If FUNCTION is nil, applies `message' to it, thus printing it."
(funcall (or function 'message)
(if first-message
(substitute-command-keys first-message)
(if first-message " " "")
(substitute-command-keys first-message))
(if first-message " ")
;; If the help buffer will go in a separate frame,
;; it's no use mentioning a command to scroll, so don't.
(if (special-display-p (buffer-name standard-output))
......@@ -1039,6 +1040,9 @@ items for help buffer \"back\" buttons is cleared."
(setq help-xref-stack nil))
(setq help-xref-stack-item item))
(defvar help-xref-following nil
"Non-nil when following a help cross-reference.")
(defun help-make-xrefs (&optional buffer)
"Parse and hyperlink documentation cross-references in the given BUFFER.
......@@ -1154,7 +1158,7 @@ that."
(zerop (forward-line)))))))))
(set-syntax-table stab))
;; Make a back-reference in this buffer if appropriate.
(when help-xref-stack
(when (and help-xref-following help-xref-stack)
(goto-char (point-max))
(insert "\n\n" help-back-label))
......@@ -1245,16 +1249,16 @@ help buffer."
(with-current-buffer buffer
(when help-xref-stack
(setq help-xref-stack (cdr help-xref-stack)) ; due to help-follow
(setq item (car help-xref-stack)
(setq item (pop help-xref-stack)
position (car item)
method (cadr item)
args (cddr item))
(setq help-xref-stack (cdr help-xref-stack))))
args (cddr item))))
(apply method args)
;; We're not in the right buffer to do this, and we don't actually
;; know which we should be in.
;;(goto-char position)
;; We assume that the buffer we just recreated has the saved name,
;; which might not always be true.
(when (get-buffer (cdr position))
(with-current-buffer (cdr position)
(goto-char (car position))))))
(defun help-go-back ()
"Invoke the [back] button (if any) in the Help mode buffer."
......@@ -1286,11 +1290,13 @@ For the cross-reference format, see `help-make-xrefs'."
(method (car help-data))
(args (cdr help-data)))
(when help-data
(setq help-xref-stack (cons (cons (point) help-xref-stack-item)
(setq help-xref-stack (cons (cons (cons pos (buffer-name))
(setq help-xref-stack-item nil)
;; There is a reference at point. Follow it.
(apply method args))))
(let ((help-xref-following t))
(apply method args)))))
;; For tabbing through buffer.
(defun help-next-ref ()
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