Commit 37afa042 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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Fix ChangeLog dates.

parent 164b1ba3
2013-06-30 Paul Eggert <>
2013-07-01 Paul Eggert <>
Merge from gnulib, incorporating:
2013-06-23 ignore-value: port to gcc -pedantic
2013-06-21 extern-inline: port to gcc -std=c89
2013-06-30 Paul Eggert <>
Do not use GTK 3 if it exists but cannot be compiled.
* Leave GTK_OBJ and term_header alone if GTK 3
exists but cannot be compiled.
2013-06-21 Paul Eggert <>
2013-07-02 Paul Eggert <>
Prefer plain 'static' to 'static inline' (Bug#12541).
I missed these instances of 'static inline' in an earlier sweep.
......@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@
* make-docfile.c (put_char): No longer inline.
* etags.c (hash): Prefer int to unsigned when either will do.
2013-06-21 Paul Eggert <>
Use C99-style flexible array members if available.
* ebrowse.c: Include <stddef.h>, for offsetof.
(struct member, struct alias, struct sym):
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