Commit 37c0347e authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/fringe.el (fringe-styles): New var.

(fringe-mode, fringe-query-style): Use it.
parent 149caf54
2010-09-19 Stefan Monnier <>
* fringe.el (fringe-styles): New var.
(fringe-mode, fringe-query-style): Use it.
2010-09-18 Michael R. Mauger <>
* progmodes/sql.el: Version 2.8
(sql-login-params): Updated widget structure; changes still
(sql-login-params): Update widget structure; changes still
(sql-product-alist): Add :list-all and :list-table features for
SQLite, Postgres and MySQL products.
......@@ -136,6 +136,14 @@ See `fringe-mode' for possible values and their effect."
;; Otherwise impose the user-specified value of fringe-mode.
(custom-initialize-reset symbol value))))
(defconst fringe-styles
'(("default" . nil)
("no-fringes" . 0)
("right-only" . (0 . nil))
("left-only" . (nil . 0))
("half-width" . (4 . 4))
("minimal" . (1 . 1))))
(defcustom fringe-mode nil
"Specify appearance of fringes on all frames.
This variable can be nil (the default) meaning the fringes should have
......@@ -152,12 +160,15 @@ it take real effect.
Setting the variable with a customization buffer also takes effect.
If you only want to modify the appearance of the fringe in one frame,
you can use the interactive function `set-fringe-style'."
:type '(choice (const :tag "Default width" nil)
(const :tag "No fringes" 0)
(const :tag "Only right" (0 . nil))
(const :tag "Only left" (nil . 0))
(const :tag "Half width" (4 . 4))
(const :tag "Minimal" (1 . 1))
:type `(choice
,@ (mapcar (lambda (style)
(let ((name
(replace-regexp-in-string "-" " " (car style))))
`(const :tag
,(concat (capitalize (substring name 0 1))
(substring name 1))
,(cdr style))))
(integer :tag "Specific width")
(cons :tag "Different left/right sizes"
(integer :tag "Left width")
......@@ -178,27 +189,20 @@ If ALL-FRAMES, the negation of the fringe values in
`default-frame-alist' is used when user enters the empty string.
Otherwise the negation of the fringe value in the currently selected
frame parameter is used."
(let ((mode (intern (completing-read
(let* ((mode (completing-read
"Select fringe mode for "
(if all-frames "all frames" "selected frame")
" (type ? for list): ")
'(("none") ("default") ("left-only")
("right-only") ("half") ("minimal"))
nil t))))
(cond ((eq mode 'none) 0)
((eq mode 'default) nil)
((eq mode 'left-only) '(nil . 0))
((eq mode 'right-only) '(0 . nil))
((eq mode 'half) '(4 . 4))
((eq mode 'minimal) '(1 . 1))
((eq mode (intern ""))
fringe-styles nil t))
(style (assoc (downcase mode) fringe-styles)))
(if style (cdr style)
(if (eq 0 (cdr (assq 'left-fringe
(if all-frames
(frame-parameters (selected-frame))))))
(defun fringe-mode (&optional mode)
"Set the default appearance of fringes on all frames.
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