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(Changing Files): Document set-file-times.

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......@@ -1445,6 +1445,14 @@ the default file protection has no effect.
This function returns the current default protection value.
@end defun
@defun set-file-times filename &optional time
This function sets the access and modification times of @var{filename}
to @var{time}. The return value is @code{t} if the times are successfully
set, otherwise it is @code{nil}. @var{time} defaults to the current
time and must be in the format returned by @code{current-time}
(@pxref{Time of Day}).
@end defun
@cindex MS-DOS and file modes
@cindex file modes and MS-DOS
On MS-DOS, there is no such thing as an ``executable'' file mode bit.
......@@ -2503,7 +2511,7 @@ Here are the operations that a magic file name handler gets to handle:
@code{load}, @code{make-directory},
@code{rename-file}, @code{set-file-modes},
@code{rename-file}, @code{set-file-modes}, @code{set-file-times},
@code{set-visited-file-modtime}, @code{shell-command},
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