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Document last change in dired.el

* etc/NEWS (Dired): Document the last change in dired.el.
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......@@ -585,6 +585,16 @@ of this option means the file is revisited in a temporary buffer;
this temporary buffer is the actual buffer searched: the original buffer
visiting the file is not modified.
*** Users can now customize mouse clicks in Dired in a more flexible way.
The new command 'dired-mouse-find-file' can be bound to a mouse click
and used to visit files/directories in Dired in the selected window.
The new command 'dired-mouse-find-file-other-frame' similarly visits
files/directories in another frame. You can write your own commands
that invoke 'dired-mouse-find-file' with non-default optional
arguments, to tailor the effects of mouse clicks on file names in
Dired buffers.
*** In wdired, when editing files to contain slash characters,
the resulting directories are automatically created. Whether to do
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