Commit 37fdcfbc authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts

(gud-display-line): Don't set window-point if

source buffer is not visible. (Only happens with M-x gdba).
parent 32d369ac
......@@ -2524,26 +2524,24 @@ Obeying it means displaying in another window the specified file and line."
(if buffer
(with-current-buffer buffer
(if (not (or (verify-visited-file-modtime buffer) gud-keep-buffer))
(unless (or (verify-visited-file-modtime buffer) gud-keep-buffer)
(if (yes-or-no-p
(format "File %s changed on disk. Reread from disk? "
(revert-buffer t t)
(setq gud-keep-buffer t))))
(setq gud-keep-buffer t)))
(goto-line line)
(setq pos (point))
(setq overlay-arrow-string "=>")
(or overlay-arrow-position
(setq overlay-arrow-position (make-marker)))
(setq overlay-arrow-position (make-marker)))
(set-marker overlay-arrow-position (point) (current-buffer)))
(cond ((or (< pos (point-min)) (> pos (point-max)))
(goto-char pos))))
(set-window-point window overlay-arrow-position)))))
(goto-char pos))))
(if window (set-window-point window overlay-arrow-position))))))
;; The gud-call function must do the right thing whether its invoking
;; keystroke is from the GUD buffer itself (via major-mode binding)
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