Commit 3834380d authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm

(set_window_buffer): Fix redisplay problems when

switching between buffers with different display margin widths.
parent fbe57420
......@@ -2853,6 +2853,9 @@ set_window_buffer (window, buffer, run_hooks_p, keep_margins_p)
/* This may call adjust_window_margins three times, so
temporarily disable window margins. */
Lisp_Object save_left = w->left_margin_cols;
Lisp_Object save_right = w->right_margin_cols;
w->left_margin_cols = w->right_margin_cols = Qnil;
Fset_window_fringes (window,
......@@ -2863,6 +2866,9 @@ set_window_buffer (window, buffer, run_hooks_p, keep_margins_p)
b->vertical_scroll_bar_type, Qnil);
w->left_margin_cols = save_left;
w->right_margin_cols = save_right;
Fset_window_margins (window,
b->left_margin_cols, b->right_margin_cols);
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