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*** empty log message ***

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......@@ -778,6 +778,23 @@ code when called with a prefix argument.
transient-mark-mode is on, and the mark is active. Otherwise it
spell-checks the current buffer.
*** Support for synchronous subprocesses - DOS/Windoze - has been
*** An "alignment error" bug was fixed when a manual spelling
correction is made and re-checked.
*** An Italian dictionary definition has been added.
*** Region skipping performance has been vastly improved in some
*** Spell checking HTML buffers has been improved and isn't so strict
on syntax errors.
*** The buffer-local words are now always placed on a new line at the
end of the buffer.
** Dired changes
*** New variable `dired-recursive-deletes' determines if the delete
2000-08-18 Gerd Moellmann <>
* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_get_event): Handle the case that the
second half of a HELP_EVENT is found at the start of kbd_buffer.
2000-08-18 Miles Bader <>
* lisp.h (Lisp_String): Replace DECLARE_INTERVALS with real decl.
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