Commit 3887c545 authored by Noam Postavsky's avatar Noam Postavsky

Throw a `search-failed' derived error in Info search

The original fix for Bug#6106 switched from signalling `search-failed'
to `user-error'.  However, this breaks incremental searching over
multiple nodes because the isearch code doesn't expect a `user-error'.

* src/search.c (syms_of_search): New error, `user-search-failed',
with `user-error' and `search-failed' as parents.
* doc/lispref/errors.texi (Standard Errors): Document it.
* etc/NEWS: Announce it.
* lisp/info.el (Info-search): Use it instead of `user-error' so that
isearch will handle failed searches correctly.
parent 49197e6e
......@@ -186,6 +186,12 @@ The message is @samp{Undefined color}. @xref{Color Names}.
@item user-error
The message is the empty string. @xref{Signaling Errors}.
@item user-search-failed
This is like @samp{search-failed}, but doesn't trigger the debugger,
like @samp{user-error}. @xref{Signaling Errors}, and @xref{Searching
and Matching}. This is used for searching in Info files, @xref{Search
@item void-function
The message is @samp{Symbol's function definition is void}.
@xref{Function Cells}.
......@@ -1058,6 +1058,10 @@ its window gets deleted by 'delete-other-windows'.
*** New command 'window-swap-states' swaps the states of two live
*** New error type 'user-search-failed' like 'search-failed' but
avoids debugger like 'user-error'.
* Changes in Emacs 26.1 on Non-Free Operating Systems
......@@ -1998,20 +1998,20 @@ If DIRECTION is `backward', search in the reverse direction."
(and found (> found opoint-min) (< found opoint-max)))
(user-error "Search failed: `%s' (end of node)" regexp))
(signal 'user-search-failed (list regexp "(end of node)")))
;; If no subfiles, give error now.
(unless (or found Info-current-subfile)
(if isearch-mode
(user-error "Search failed: `%s' (end of manual)" regexp)
(signal 'user-search-failed (list regexp "end of manual"))
(let ((search-spaces-regexp Info-search-whitespace-regexp))
(unless (if backward
(re-search-backward regexp nil t)
(re-search-forward regexp nil t))
(user-error "Search failed: `%s'" regexp)))))
(signal 'user-seach-failed (list regexp))))))
(if (and bound (not found))
(user-error "Search failed: `%s'" regexp))
(signal 'user-search-failed (list regexp)))
(unless (or found bound)
......@@ -2055,8 +2055,8 @@ If DIRECTION is `backward', search in the reverse direction."
(setq list nil)))
(if found
(message "")
(user-error "Search failed: `%s'%s"
regexp (if isearch-mode " (end of manual)" ""))))
(signal 'user-search-failed
`(,regexp ,@(if isearch-mode '("end of manual"))))))
(if (not found)
(progn (Info-read-subfile osubfile)
(goto-char opoint)
......@@ -3389,6 +3389,10 @@ syms_of_search (void)
/* Error condition used for failing searches. */
DEFSYM (Qsearch_failed, "search-failed");
/* Error condition used for failing searches started by user, i.e.,
where failure should not invoke the debugger. */
DEFSYM (Quser_search_failed, "user-search-failed");
/* Error condition signaled when regexp compile_pattern fails. */
DEFSYM (Qinvalid_regexp, "invalid-regexp");
......@@ -3397,6 +3401,12 @@ syms_of_search (void)
Fput (Qsearch_failed, Qerror_message,
build_pure_c_string ("Search failed"));
Fput (Quser_search_failed, Qerror_conditions,
listn (CONSTYPE_PURE, 4,
Quser_search_failed, Quser_error, Qsearch_failed, Qerror));
Fput (Quser_search_failed, Qerror_message,
build_pure_c_string ("Search failed"));
Fput (Qinvalid_regexp, Qerror_conditions,
listn (CONSTYPE_PURE, 2, Qinvalid_regexp, Qerror));
Fput (Qinvalid_regexp, Qerror_message,
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