Commit 38971c41 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(set_frame_size): Set app_shell and wmshell the same.

parent 0a44133e
......@@ -306,10 +306,10 @@ set_frame_size (ew)
int flags = 0;
Widget wmshell = get_wm_shell ((Widget) ew);
Widget app_shell = XtParent ((Widget) wmshell);
/* Each Emacs shell is now independent and top-level. */
Widget app_shell = wmshell;
if (! XtIsSubclass (wmshell, shellWidgetClass)) abort ();
if (! XtIsSubclass (app_shell, shellWidgetClass)) abort ();
/* We don't need this for the momment. The geometry is computed in
xfns.c. */
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