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* doc/lispref/debugging.texi (Profiling) [!tex]: Mention --enable-profiling.

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2012-11-21 Glenn Morris <>
* debugging.texi (Profiling) [!tex]: Mention --enable-profiling.
2012-11-20 Glenn Morris <>
* debugging.texi (Profiling): New section, in progress.
......@@ -849,3 +849,14 @@ The @file{elp} library offers an alternative approach. See the file
You can check the speed of individual Emacs Lisp forms using the
@file{benchmark} library. See the functions @code{benchmark-run} and
@code{benchmark-run-compiled} in @file{benchmark.el}.
@c Not worth putting in the printed manual.
@cindex --enable-profiling option of configure
For low-level profiling of Emacs itself, you can build it using the
@option{--enable-profiling} option of @command{configure}. When Emacs
exits, it generates a file @file{gmon.out} that you can examine using
the @command{gprof} utility. This feature is mainly useful for
debugging Emacs. It actually stops the Lisp-level @kbd{M-x
profiler-@dots{}} commands described above from working.
@end ifnottex
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