Commit 38a79e33 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(display-buffer-other-frame): Eliminate problematic code.

parent ed10603b
2008-03-11 Stefan Monnier <>
* files.el (display-buffer-other-frame): Eliminate problematic code.
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-update-buffers-maxbuf): Remove.
(menu-bar-select-buffer): Remove.
(menu-bar-select-frame): Make non-interactive and take a frame arg.
......@@ -1078,9 +1078,18 @@ documentation for additional customization information."
(old-window (selected-window))
(setq new-window (display-buffer buffer t))
(lower-frame (window-frame new-window))
(make-frame-invisible (window-frame old-window))
(make-frame-visible (window-frame old-window))))
;; This may have been here in order to prevent the new frame from hiding
;; the old frame. But it does more harm than good.
;; Maybe we should call `raise-window' on the old-frame instead? --Stef
;;(lower-frame (window-frame new-window))
;; This may have been here in order to make sure the old-frame gets the
;; focus. But not only can it cause an annoying flicker, with some
;; window-managers it just makes the window invisible, with no easy
;; way to recover it. --Stef
;;(make-frame-invisible (window-frame old-window))
;;(make-frame-visible (window-frame old-window))
(defvar find-file-default nil
"Used within `find-file-read-args'.")
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