Commit 38b5e497 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(Fmakehash): Accept just one optional argument TEST.

parent b0d22e20
......@@ -4309,56 +4309,18 @@ DEFUN ("copy-hash-table", Fcopy_hash_table, Scopy_hash_table, 1, 1, 0,
DEFUN ("makehash", Fmakehash, Smakehash, 0, MANY, 0,
DEFUN ("makehash", Fmakehash, Smakehash, 0, 1, 0,
"Create a new hash table.\n\
Optional first argument TEST specifies how to compare keys in\n\
the table. Predefined tests are `eq', `eql', and `equal'. Default\n\
is `eql'. New tests can be defined with `define-hash-table-test'.\n\
The rest of the optional arguments are keyword/value pairs. The\n\
following are recognized:\n\
:SIZE SIZE -- A hint as to how many elements will be put in the table.
Default is 65.\n\
:REHASH-SIZE REHASH-SIZE - Indicates how to expand the table when\n\
it fills up. If REHASH-SIZE is an integer, add that many space.\n\
If it is a float, it must be > 1.0, and the new size is computed by\n\
multiplying the old size with that factor. Default is 1.5.\n\
:REHASH-THRESHOLD THRESHOLD -- THRESHOLD must a float > 0, and <= 1.0.\n\
Resize the hash table when ratio of the number of entries in the table.\n\
Default is 0.8.\n\
:WEAKNESS WEAK -- WEAK must be one of nil, t, `key', or `value'.\n\
If WEAK is not nil, the table returned is a weak table. Key/value\n\
pairs are removed from a weak hash table when their key, value or both\n\
(WEAK t) are otherwise unreferenced. Default is nil.")
(nargs, args)
int nargs;
Lisp_Object *args;
is `eql'. New tests can be defined with `define-hash-table-test'.")
Lisp_Object test;
Lisp_Object args2[nargs + 6];
int i, j;
i = j = 0;
/* Recognize TEST argument. */
if (SYMBOLP (args[i])
&& !EQ (args[i], QCrehash_size)
&& !EQ (args[i], QCrehash_threshold)
&& !EQ (args[i], QCweakness)
&& !EQ (args[i], QCsize))
args2[j++] = QCtest;
args2[j++] = args[i++];
/* Copy remaining arguments. */
while (i < nargs)
args2[j++] = args[i++];
return Fmake_hash_table (j, args2);
Lisp_Object args[2];
args[0] = QCtest;
args[1] = test;
return Fmake_hash_table (2, args);
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