Commit 38d035de authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(robin-define-package): Be sure to call put-char-code-property.

parent a337abfc
......@@ -293,7 +293,7 @@ one replaces the old one."
(let ((iname (intern name))
(new (list name "")) ; "" as a fake output
input output)
input output pairs)
(dolist (r rules)
(setq input (car r)
output (cadr r))
......@@ -301,17 +301,23 @@ one replaces the old one."
((not (stringp input))
(error "Bad input sequence %S" r))
((char-valid-p output)
(put-char-code-property output iname input))
((characterp output)
(setq pairs
(cons (cons input output)
((not (stringp output))
(error "Bad output pattern %S" r))))
(setcar (cdr new) docstring) ; replace "" above with real docstring
`(let ((slot (assoc ,name robin-package-alist))
(newdef ',new))
(newdef ',new)
(prop ',iname)
(lst ',pairs))
(if slot
(setcdr slot (cdr newdef))
(setq robin-package-alist
(cons newdef robin-package-alist))))))
(cons newdef robin-package-alist)))
(dolist (l lst)
(put-char-code-property (cdr l) prop (car l))))))
(defun robin-modify-package (name input output)
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