Commit 38d58078 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(customize-option): Renamed from custom-variable.

(customize-variable): Add it as an alias.
Renamed from customize-variable-other-window.
(custom-load-symbol): Search for both short and absolute
names of the library, when avoiding duplicate loading.
parent 5b5cdd97
......@@ -740,22 +740,24 @@ are shown; the contents of those subgroups are initially hidden."
(list (list symbol 'custom-group))
(format "*Customize Group: %s*" (custom-unlispify-tag-name symbol))))
;;;### (defalias 'customize-variable 'customize-option)
(defun customize-variable (symbol)
"Customize SYMBOL, which must be a variable."
(defun customize-option (symbol)
"Customize SYMBOL, which must be a user option variable."
(interactive (custom-variable-prompt))
(custom-buffer-create (list (list symbol 'custom-variable))
(format "*Customize Variable: %s*"
(format "*Customize Option: %s*"
(custom-unlispify-tag-name symbol))))
(defun customize-variable-other-window (symbol)
"Customize SYMBOL, which must be a variable.
(defun customize-option-other-window (symbol)
"Customize SYMBOL, which must be a user option variable.
Show the buffer in another window, but don't select it."
(interactive (custom-variable-prompt))
(list (list symbol 'custom-variable))
(format "*Customize Variable: %s*" (custom-unlispify-tag-name symbol))))
(format "*Customize Option: %s*" (custom-unlispify-tag-name symbol))))
(defun customize-face (&optional symbol)
......@@ -1331,6 +1333,7 @@ Change the state of this item."
(require load)
(error nil)))
;; Don't reload a file already loaded.
((assoc load load-history))
((assoc (locate-library load) load-history))
(condition-case nil
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