Commit 38d8db1b authored by Stefan Kangas's avatar Stefan Kangas Committed by Lars Ingebrigtsen

; * etc/NEWS: Small cleanup.

* etc/NEWS: Merge two bookmark items in NEWS (bug#36188).
parent 4ec926dc
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......@@ -1514,15 +1514,9 @@ buffer periodically when 'auto-revert-avoid-polling' is non-nil.
** Bookmarks
*** 'bookmark-file' is now an obsolete alias of
** Bookmarks
*** 'bookmark-old-default-file' is now an obsolete alias of
*** 'bookmark-file' and 'bookmark-old-default-file' are now obsolete
aliases of 'bookmark-default-file'.
* New Modes and Packages in Emacs 27.1
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