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(x-colors): Add colors from recent rgb.txt.

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......@@ -288,145 +288,760 @@ This function returns ARGS minus the arguments that have been processed."
;; Available colors
(defvar x-colors '("aquamarine"
"medium aquamarine"
"cadet blue"
"cornflower blue"
"dark slate blue"
"light blue"
"light steel blue"
"medium blue"
"medium slate blue"
"midnight blue"
"navy blue"
"sky blue"
"slate blue"
"steel blue"
(defvar x-colors '("LightGreen"
"light green"
"dark red"
"dark magenta"
"dark cyan"
"dark blue"
"dark gray"
"dark grey"
"medium purple"
"blue violet"
"dark violet"
"dark orchid"
"medium orchid"
"violet red"
"medium violet red"
"pale violet red"
"light pink"
"deep pink"
"hot pink"
"orange red"
"light coral"
"dark orange"
"light salmon"
"dark salmon"
"sandy brown"
"saddle brown"
"indian red"
"rosy brown"
"dark goldenrod"
"dark green"
"dark olive green"
"forest green"
"light goldenrod"
"light yellow"
"light goldenrod yellow"
"pale goldenrod"<