Commit 38fb5f4d authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert

Make make-dist more automatic

Simplify make-dist maintenance by having it generate its
list of files more automatically.  Put the list of distributed
files into a file MANIFEST that can be used in the unusual
situations when you’re making a distribution without having
access to a Git repository.
* make-dist (top_level_ChangeLog): Now nonempty if the
distribution tarball will contain a ChangeLog, instead of
being nonempty when a ChangeLog is requested, Git is present
and a readable ChangeLog exists.  The new interpretation makes
the script a bit easier to follow.
(possibly_non_vc_files, info_files, mkdir_verbose)
(file_to_skip, MANIFEST_subdir_sed, tempsubdirs):
New variables.
(MANIFEST): Update and use this file, which now records what
files are distributed.
(top_level, subdir, files, file): Remove.
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