Commit 3918e9c9 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(describe-character-set): Account for

more than two dimensions of possibly different size.
parent 346a8d64
......@@ -324,11 +324,12 @@ detailed meanings of these arguments."
(if (not (eq name charset))
(insert " (alias of " (symbol-name name) ?\))))
(insert "\n\n" (charset-description charset) "\n\n")
(insert "Number of contained characters: "
(if (= (charset-dimension charset) 1)
(format "%d\n" (charset-chars charset))
(format "%dx%d\n" (charset-chars charset)
(charset-chars charset))))
(insert "Number of contained characters: ")
(dotimes (i (charset-dimension charset))
(unless (= i 0)
(insert ?x))
(insert (format "%d" (charset-chars charset) (1+ i))))
(insert ?\n)
(let ((char (charset-iso-final-char charset)))
(when (> char 0)
(insert "Final char of ISO2022 designation sequence: ")
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