Commit 39210e90 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(Fvertical_motion): Always use the current buffer.

Temporarily change the window's buffer, if necessary.
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......@@ -1823,34 +1823,35 @@ whether or not it is currently displayed in some window.")
struct it it;
struct text_pos pt;
struct buffer *old, *b;
struct window *w;
Lisp_Object old_buffer;
struct gcpro gcpro1;
CHECK_NUMBER (lines, 0);
if (! NILP (window))
CHECK_WINDOW (window, 0);
window = selected_window;
w = XWINDOW (window);
b = XBUFFER (w->buffer);
if (b != current_buffer)
old_buffer = Qnil;
GCPRO1 (old_buffer);
if (XBUFFER (w->buffer) != current_buffer)
old = current_buffer;
set_buffer_internal_1 (b);
/* Set the window's buffer temporarily to the current buffer. */
old_buffer = w->buffer;
XSETBUFFER (w->buffer, current_buffer);
old = NULL;
start_display (&it, w, pt);
move_it_by_lines (&it, XINT (lines), 0);
if (old)
set_buffer_internal_1 (old);
if (BUFFERP (old_buffer))
w->buffer = old_buffer;
return make_number (it.vpos);
RETURN_UNGCPRO (make_number (it.vpos));
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