Commit 393f2d14 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(Fx_show_tip): Gcpro `timeout' too.

parent 28d7281d
......@@ -9756,13 +9756,13 @@ TIMEOUT nil means use the default timeout of 5 seconds.")
int i, width, height;
int root_x, root_y, win_x, win_y;
unsigned pmask;
struct gcpro gcpro1, gcpro2, gcpro3;
struct gcpro gcpro1, gcpro2, gcpro3, gcpro4;
int old_windows_or_buffers_changed = windows_or_buffers_changed;
int count = specpdl_ptr - specpdl;
specbind (Qinhibit_redisplay, Qt);
GCPRO3 (string, parms, frame);
GCPRO4 (string, parms, frame, timeout);
CHECK_STRING (string, 0);
f = check_x_frame (frame);
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