Commit 39440204 authored by John Paul Wallington's avatar John Paul Wallington
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(defface tooltip): Inherit from variable-pitch.

parent 53b583d3
2003-07-23 John Paul Wallington <>
* tooltip.el (defface tooltip): Inherit from variable-pitch.
2003-07-23 Glenn Morris <>
* emacs-lisp/derived.el (define-derived-mode): Mention hook in doc
......@@ -113,8 +113,11 @@ position to pop up the tooltip."
(defface tooltip
'((((class color))
(:background "lightyellow" :foreground "black"))
(t ()))
:background "lightyellow"
:foreground "black"
:inherit variable-pitch)
:inherit variable-pitch))
"Face for tooltips."
:group 'tooltip)
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