Commit 3948a513 authored by Dan Nicolaescu's avatar Dan Nicolaescu
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Add an example on how to use prog-mode.

parent b59b67c5
......@@ -1077,6 +1077,11 @@ syntactic rules.
** Syntax tables support a new "comment style c" additionally to style b.
** frame-local variables cannot be let-bound any more.
** prog-mode is a new major-mode meant to be the parent of programming mode.
The prog-mode-hook it defines can be used to enable features for
programming modes. For example:
(add-hook 'prog-mode-hook 'flyspell-prog-mode)
enables on the fly spell checking for comments and strings for
programming modes.
** define-minor-mode accepts a new keyword :variable.
** `delete-file' and `delete-directory' now accept optional arg TRASH.
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