Commit 394e2561 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

(syms_of_syntax): Remove defsubr of Sdescribe_syntax.

(describe_syntax, describe_syntax_1, Fdescribe_syntax): Remove.
parent 845975f5
......@@ -1170,49 +1170,6 @@ DEFUN ("internal-describe-syntax-value", Finternal_describe_syntax_value,
return syntax;
static void
describe_syntax (value, args)
Lisp_Object value, args;
Findent_to (make_number (16), make_number (1));
Finternal_describe_syntax_value (value);
insert_string ("\n");
static Lisp_Object
describe_syntax_1 (vector)
Lisp_Object vector;
struct buffer *old = current_buffer;
set_buffer_internal (XBUFFER (Vstandard_output));
describe_vector (vector, Qnil, Qnil, describe_syntax,
0, Qnil, Qnil, NULL, 0);
while (! NILP (XCHAR_TABLE (vector)->parent))
vector = XCHAR_TABLE (vector)->parent;
insert_string ("\nThe parent syntax table is:");
describe_vector (vector, Qnil, Qnil, describe_syntax,
0, Qnil, Qnil, NULL, 0);
call0 (intern ("help-mode"));
set_buffer_internal (old);
return Qnil;
DEFUN ("describe-syntax", Fdescribe_syntax, Sdescribe_syntax, 0, 0, "",
doc: /* Describe the syntax specifications in the syntax table.
The descriptions are inserted in a buffer, which is then displayed. */)
("*Help*", describe_syntax_1, current_buffer->syntax_table);
return Qnil;
int parse_sexp_ignore_comments;
......@@ -3038,7 +2995,6 @@ See the info node `(elisp)Syntax Properties' for a description of the
defsubr (&Smatching_paren);
defsubr (&Sstring_to_syntax);
defsubr (&Smodify_syntax_entry);
defsubr (&Sdescribe_syntax);
defsubr (&Sinternal_describe_syntax_value);
defsubr (&Sforward_word);
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