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% Reference Card for Org Mode
\def\versionyear{2007} % latest update
\def\year{2007} % latest copyright year
......@@ -111,14 +111,17 @@
\else %2 or 3 columns uses prereduced size
\hsize 3.2in
\if 1\the\letterpaper
\hsize 3.2in
\vsize 7.95in
\hoffset -.75in
\voffset -.745in
\hsize 3.2in
\vsize 7.65in
\hoffset -.25in
\voffset -.745in
\hoffset -.75in
\voffset -.745in
\font\titlefont=cmbx10 \scaledmag2
\font\headingfont=cmbx10 \scaledmag1
......@@ -418,6 +421,7 @@ \section{Tables}
\key{toggle coordinate grid}{C-c \}}
\key{toggle formula debugger}{C-c \{}
{\it Formula Editor}
\key{edit formulas in separate buffer}{C-c '}
......@@ -617,7 +621,7 @@ \section{Agenda Views}
{\bf Change display}
\key{delete other windows}{o}
\key{switch to daily / weekly view}{d / w}
\key{switch to day/week/month/year view}{d w m y}
\key{toggle inclusion of diary entries}{D}
\key{toggle time grid for daily schedule}{g}
\key{toggle display of logbook entries}{l}
2007-07-02 Carsten Dominik <>
* textmodes/org.el (orgstruct-mode-map): New variable.
(orgstruct-mode): New minor mode.
(turn-on-orgstruct, orgstruct-error, orgstruct-setup)
(orgstruct-make-binding, org-context-p, org-get-local-variables)
(org-run-like-in-org-mode): New functions.
(org-cycle-list-bullet): New command.
(org-special-properties, org-property-start-re)
(org-property-end-re): New constants.
(org-with-point-at): New macro.
(org-get-property-block, org-entry-properties, org-entry-get)
(org-entry-delete, org-entry-get-with-inheritance)
(org-entry-put, org-buffer-property-keys): New functions.
(org-insert-property-drawer): New command.
(org-entry-property-inherited-from): New variable.
(org-column): New face.
(org-column-overlays, org-current-columns-fmt)
(org-current-columns-maxwidths, org-column-map): New variables.
(org-column-menu): New menu.
(org-new-column-overlay, org-overlay-columns)
(org-overlay-columns-title, org-remove-column-overlays)
(org-column-show-value, org-column-quit, org-column-edit): New
(org-columns, org-agenda-columns): New commands.
(org-get-columns-autowidth-alist): New functions.
(org-properties): New customize group.
(org-default-columns-format): New option.
(org-priority): Realign tags after changing priority.
(org-preserve-lc): New macro.
(org-update-checkbox-count): Catch case when there is no headline.
(org-agenda-quit): Remove any column overlays.
(org-beginning-of-item-list): Fixed bug when non-item line is
indented too deep.
(org-cached-props): New variable.
(org-cached-entry-get): New function.
(org-make-tags-matcher): Handle property matches.
(org-table-recalculate): Swap evaluation order: Field formula
first, then column formulas, but don't allow them to overwrite the
field formulas.
(org-table-eval-formula): New argument untouchable.
(org-table-put-field-property): New function.
2007-07-02 Martin Rudalics <>
* help-mode.el (help-make-xrefs): Skip spaces too when
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