Commit 396df322 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fset_process_window_size): New function.

parent 73d5358f
......@@ -775,6 +775,22 @@ See `set-process-sentinel' for more info on sentinels.")
return XPROCESS (proc)->sentinel;
DEFUN ("set-process-window-size", Fset_process_window_size,
Sset_process_window_size, 3, 3, 0,
"Tell PROCESS that it has logical window size HEIGHT and WIDTH.")
(proc, height, width)
register Lisp_Object proc, height, width;
CHECK_PROCESS (proc, 0);
CHECK_NATNUM (height, 0);
CHECK_NATNUM (width, 0);
if (set_window_size (XINT (XPROCESS (proc)->infd),
XINT (height), XINT(width)) <= 0)
return Qnil;
return Qt;
DEFUN ("process-kill-without-query", Fprocess_kill_without_query,
Sprocess_kill_without_query, 1, 2, 0,
"Say no query needed if PROCESS is running when Emacs is exited.\n\
......@@ -3149,6 +3165,7 @@ effect when `start-process' is called.");
defsubr (&Sset_process_filter);
defsubr (&Sprocess_filter);
defsubr (&Sset_process_sentinel);
defsubr (&Sset_process_window_size);
defsubr (&Sprocess_sentinel);
defsubr (&Sprocess_kill_without_query);
defsubr (&Slist_processes);
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