Commit 3985f85d authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Fix shell syntax in check for missing .el or .elc files.

parent c25aec78
......@@ -164,10 +164,10 @@ then
rm -f /tmp/el /tmp/elc
### Check for .el files with no corresponding .elc file.
((cd lisp; ls -1 [a-z]*.el [a-z]*/[a-z]*.el)
(cd leim; ls -1 [a-z]*.el [a-z]*/[a-z]*.el)) > /tmp/el
((cd lisp; ls -1 [a-z]*.elc [a-z]*/[a-z]*.elc)
(cd leim; ls -1 [a-z]*.elc [a-z]*/[a-z]*.elc)) | sed 's/\.elc$/.el/' > /tmp/elc
(cd lisp; ls -1 [a-z]*.el [a-z]*/[a-z]*.el ; \
cd ../leim; ls -1 [a-z]*.el [a-z]*/[a-z]*.el) > /tmp/el
(cd lisp; ls -1 [a-z]*.elc [a-z]*/[a-z]*.elc; \
cd ../leim; ls -1 [a-z]*.elc [a-z]*/[a-z]*.elc) | sed 's/\.elc$/.el/' > /tmp/elc
losers="`comm -23 /tmp/el /tmp/elc`"
for file in $losers; do
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