Commit 39a21be6 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* process.c (Fopen_network_stream): Deal with older systems, which

	only have the h_addr field in their struct hostent.
parent 8243aa4e
......@@ -1448,8 +1448,13 @@ Fourth arg SERVICE is name of the service desired, or an integer\n\
host_info.h_name = 0;
host_info.h_aliases = 0;
host_info.h_addrtype = AF_INET;
host_info.h_addr_list = &(addr_list[0]);
addr_list[0] = (char*)(&numeric_addr);
#ifdef h_addr
/* Older machines have only one address slot called h_addr.
Newer machines have h_addr_list, but #define h_addr to
be its first element. */
host_info.h_addr_list = &(addr_list[0]);
host_info.h_addr = (char*)(&numeric_addr);
addr_list[1] = 0;
host_info.h_length = strlen (addr_list[0]);
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