Commit 39be25da authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Buffer Modification): Add restore-buffer-modified-p.

(Killing Buffers): Add buffer-live-p.
parent 67d120eb
......@@ -517,6 +517,11 @@ function @code{force-mode-line-update} works by doing this:
@end example
@end defun
@defun restore-buffer-modified-p flag
Like @code{set-buffer-modified-p}, but does not force redisplay
of mode lines.
@end defun
@deffn Command not-modified
This command marks the current buffer as unmodified, and not needing to
be saved. With prefix arg, it marks the buffer as modified, so that it
......@@ -953,6 +958,11 @@ variable @code{buffer-offer-save} automatically becomes buffer-local
when set for any reason. @xref{Buffer-Local Variables}.
@end defvar
@defun buffer-live-p buffer
This function returns @code{t} if @var{object} is a buffer which has
not been killed, @code{nil} otherwise.
@end defun
@node Indirect Buffers
@section Indirect Buffers
@cindex indirect buffers
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