Commit 39c76d3e authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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Delete vacant line before Tibetan.

parent 471aa4a0
......@@ -28,7 +28,6 @@ Slovak Dobr,B}(B de,Br(B
Spanish (Espa,Aq(Bol) ,A!(BHola!
Swedish (Svenska) Hej, Goddag
Thai (,T@RIRd7B(B) ,TJ(B0,TGQ(B1,TJ(B0,T4U(B1,T$(B0,TCQ(B1,T:(B, ,TJ(B0,TGQ(B1,TJ(B0,T4U(B10,T$h(B1,TP(B
Tibetan (2$(7"70"](B1$(7"2$(8!;(B2$(7%P`"Q(B1$(7"2$(8!;(B) $(7"7(B2$(7$P`"Q(B1$(8!;(B2$(7"E0"S(B1$(7"G$(8!;$(7"7(B2$(7"20"[(B1$(8!;(B2$(7"D0"[(B1$(7"#"G!>(B
Tigrigna ($(3"8#r!N"^(B) $(3!Q!,!<"8(B
Turkish (T,M|(Brk,Mg(Be) Merhaba
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