Commit 39f79001 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(x_delete_display): Extract kboard deletion, for modularity.

parent e50b8090
......@@ -5811,16 +5811,7 @@ x_delete_display (dpyinfo)
if (--dpyinfo->kboard->reference_count == 0)
KBOARD **kbp;
for (kbp = &all_kboards; *kbp != dpyinfo->kboard;
kbp = &(*kbp)->next_kboard)
if (*kbp == NULL)
abort ();
*kbp = dpyinfo->kboard->next_kboard;
wipe_kboard (dpyinfo->kboard);
xfree (dpyinfo->kboard);
delete_kboard (dpyinfo->kboard);
xfree (dpyinfo->font_table);
xfree (dpyinfo->x_id_name);
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