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Be more careful about pointers to bignum vals

This uses ‘const’ to be better at catching bugs that
mistakenly attempt to modify a bignum value.
Lisp bignums are supposed to be immutable.
* src/alloc.c (make_pure_bignum):
* src/fns.c (sxhash_bignum):
Accept Lisp_Object instead of struct Lisp_Bignum *, as that’s
simpler now.  Caller changed.
* src/bignum.h (bignum_val, xbignum_val): New inline functions.
Prefer them to &i->value and XBIGNUM (i)->value, since they
apply ‘const’ to the result.
* src/timefns.c (lisp_to_timespec): Use mpz_t const *
to point to a bignum value.
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