Commit 3a030013 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(redisplay_window) <recenter>: Call window_box_height

instead of using it.last_visible_y for the height of the window.
parent 202379cf
......@@ -10124,7 +10124,7 @@ redisplay_window (window, just_this_one_p)
/* Move backward half the height of the window. */
init_iterator (&it, w, PT, PT_BYTE, NULL, DEFAULT_FACE_ID);
it.current_y = it.last_visible_y;
move_it_vertically_backward (&it, it.last_visible_y / 2);
move_it_vertically_backward (&it, window_box_height (w) / 2);
xassert (IT_CHARPOS (it) >= BEGV);
/* The function move_it_vertically_backward may move over more
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