Commit 3a15c71b authored by Magnus Henoch's avatar Magnus Henoch
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(url-proxy-object): New variable.

(url-proxy): Bind it instead of `proxy-object'.
parent b4963755
......@@ -65,12 +65,18 @@
(url-warn 'url (format "Unknown proxy directive: %s" proxy) 'critical)
(defvar url-proxy-object nil
"The URL to access through a proxy.
This variable is bound by `url-proxy'. If this is non-nil, the
scheme-specific loader should use its argument as the proxy, and
the value of this variable as the object to retrieve.")
(defun url-proxy (url callback &optional cbargs)
;; Retrieve URL from a proxy.
;; Expects `url-using-proxy' to be bound to the specific proxy to use."
(setq url-using-proxy (url-generic-parse-url url-using-proxy))
(let ((proxy-object (copy-sequence url)))
(url-set-target proxy-object nil)
(let ((url-proxy-object (copy-sequence url)))
(url-set-target url-proxy-object nil)
(url-http url-using-proxy callback cbargs)))
(provide 'url-proxy)
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