Commit 3a20653d authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(x_set_window_size) [USE_X_TOOLKIT]:

Preserve the main widget's x and y position.
parent d0adf46f
......@@ -5244,7 +5244,17 @@ x_set_window_size (f, change_gravity, cols, rows)
EmacsFrameSetCharSize (f->display.x->edit_widget, cols, rows);
/* The x and y position of the widget is clobbered by the
call to XtSetValues within EmacsFrameSetCharSize.
This is a real kludge, but I don't understand Xt so I can't
figure out a correct fix. Can anyone else tell me? -- rms. */
int xpos = f->display.x->widget->core.x;
int ypos = f->display.x->widget->core.y;
EmacsFrameSetCharSize (f->display.x->edit_widget, cols, rows);
f->display.x->widget->core.x = xpos;
f->display.x->widget->core.y = ypos;
#else /* not USE_X_TOOLKIT */
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