Commit 3a21537c authored by Le Wang's avatar Le Wang Committed by Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/hilit-chg.el (hilit-chg-set-face-on-change): Don't burp in

narrowed buffer.

Fixes: debbugs:12361
parent 61025111
2012-12-07 Le Wang <>
* hilit-chg.el (hilit-chg-set-face-on-change): Don't burp in
narrowed buffer (bug#12361).
2012-12-07 Michael Heerdegen <>
* emacs-lisp/debug.el (debug): Fix hard-coded frame counts (bug#10025).
......@@ -3341,7 +3346,7 @@
* calendar/cal-tex.el (cal-tex-weekly-common):
Restore leading blank page.
2012-08-22 Le Wang <> (tiny change)
2012-08-22 Le Wang <>
* misc.el (forward-to-word, backward-to-word): Activate or extend
the region under `shift-select-mode'. (Bug#12231)
......@@ -588,11 +588,13 @@ This allows you to manually remove highlighting from uninteresting changes."
;; Not a deletion.
;; Most of the time the following is not necessary, but
;; if the current text was marked as a deletion then
;; the old overlay is still in effect, so if we add some
;; text then remove the deletion marking, but set it to
;; changed otherwise its highlighting disappears.
;; the old overlay is still in effect. So if the user adds some
;; text where she earlier deleted text, we have to remove the
;; deletion marking, and replace it explicitly with a `changed'
;; marking, otherwise its highlighting would disappear.
(if (eq (get-text-property end 'hilit-chg) 'hilit-chg-delete)
(put-text-property end (+ end 1) 'hilit-chg 'hilit-chg)
(if highlight-changes-visible-mode
(hilit-chg-fixup beg (+ end 1))))))
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