Commit 3a495e15 authored by Markus Rost's avatar Markus Rost
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(custom-variable-prompt): Doc change. Use custom-variable-p.

(customize-option): Remove search in loaddefs.el.
(customize-apropos):  Use custom-variable-p.
(custom-save-variables): Use custom-variable-p to detect non-rogue variables.
parent 90b4a157
......@@ -384,20 +384,16 @@ IF REGEXP is not a string, return it unchanged."
(defun custom-variable-prompt ()
"Prompt for a variable, defaulting to the variable at point.
"Prompt for a custom variable, defaulting to the variable at point.
Return a list suitable for use in `interactive'."
(let ((v (variable-at-point))
(enable-recursive-minibuffers t)
(setq val (completing-read
(if (symbolp v)
(if (and (symbolp v) (custom-variable-p v))
(format "Customize option: (default %s) " v)
"Customize variable: ")
obarray (lambda (symbol)
(and (boundp symbol)
(or (get symbol 'custom-type)
(get symbol 'custom-loads)
(get symbol 'standard-value)))) t))
"Customize option: ")
obarray 'custom-variable-p t))
(list (if (equal val "")
(if (symbolp v) v nil)
(intern val)))))
......@@ -928,28 +924,6 @@ then prompt for the MODE to customize."
(defun customize-option (symbol)
"Customize SYMBOL, which must be a user option variable."
(interactive (custom-variable-prompt))
;; If we don't have SYMBOL's real definition loaded,
;; try to load it.
(unless (get symbol 'custom-type)
(let ((loaddefs-file (locate-library "loaddefs.el" t))
;; See if it is autoloaded from some library.
(when loaddefs-file
(insert-file-contents loaddefs-file)
(when (re-search-forward (concat "^(defvar " (symbol-name symbol))
nil t)
(search-backward "\n;;; Generated autoloads from ")
(goto-char (match-end 0))
(setq file (buffer-substring (point)
(progn (end-of-line) (point)))))))
;; If it is, load that library.
(when file
(when (string-match "\\.el\\'" file)
(setq file (substring file 0 (match-beginning 0))))
(load file))))
(unless (get symbol 'custom-type)
(error "Variable %s cannot be customized" symbol))
(custom-buffer-create (list (list symbol 'custom-variable))
(format "*Customize Option: %s*"
(custom-unlispify-tag-name symbol))))
......@@ -1171,7 +1145,7 @@ user-settable, as well as faces and groups."
(when (and (not (memq all '(groups faces)))
(boundp symbol)
(or (get symbol 'saved-value)
(get symbol 'standard-value)
(custom-variable-p symbol)
(if (memq all '(nil options))
(user-variable-p symbol)
(get symbol 'variable-documentation))))
......@@ -3745,7 +3719,7 @@ or (if there were none) at the end of the buffer."
(let ((spec (car-safe (get symbol 'theme-value)))
(value (get symbol 'saved-value))
(requests (get symbol 'custom-requests))
(now (not (or (get symbol 'standard-value)
(now (not (or (custom-variable-p symbol)
(and (not (boundp symbol))
(not (eq (get symbol 'force-value)
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