Commit 3a5da8a8 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(text-read-only): New error symbol.

(kill-region): Use it when text has read-only text property.
(yank-pop): Turn on inhibit-read-only.
parent 0dc88e60
......@@ -1182,6 +1182,10 @@ yanking point; just return the Nth kill forward."
(defvar kill-read-only-ok nil
"*Non-nil means don't signal an error for killing read-only text.")
(put 'text-read-only 'error-conditions
'(text-read-only buffer-read-only error))
(put 'text-read-only 'error-message "Text is read-only")
(defun kill-region (beg end)
"Kill between point and mark.
The text is deleted but saved in the kill ring.
......@@ -1211,7 +1215,10 @@ to make one entry in the kill ring."
(if kill-read-only-ok
(message "Read only text copied to kill ring")
(setq this-command 'kill-region)
;; Signal an error if the buffer is read-only.
;; If the buffer isn't read-only, the text is.
(signal 'text-read-only (list (current-buffer)))))
;; In certain cases, we can arrange for the undo list and the kill
;; ring to share the same string object. This code does that.
......@@ -1313,7 +1320,8 @@ comes the newest one."
(if (not (eq last-command 'yank))
(error "Previous command was not a yank"))
(setq this-command 'yank)
(let ((before (< (point) (mark t))))
(let ((inhibit-read-only t)
(before (< (point) (mark t))))
(delete-region (point) (mark t))
(set-marker (mark-marker) (point) (current-buffer))
(insert (current-kill arg))
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