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Documented yank-pop-change-selection.

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......@@ -472,18 +472,16 @@ is on a different frame.
*** New functions window-parameters, window-parameter, set-window-parameter.
** Miscellaneous changes:
*** C-l is bound to the new command recenter-top-bottom, rather than recenter.
This moves the current line to window center, top and bottom on
successive invokations.
*** scroll-preserve-screen-position also preserves the column position.
*** If `yank-pop-change-selection' is t, rotating the kill ring also
updates the selection or clipboard to the current yank, just as M-w
would do so with the text it copies to the kill ring.
*** C-M-% now shows replacement as it would look in the buffer, with
`\N' and `\&' substituted according to the match. Old behavior can be
......@@ -493,7 +491,6 @@ restored by customizing `query-replace-show-replacement'.
called with a prefix and the default directory is a remote file name.
This is because some file name handlers (like ange-ftp) are not able to
run processes remotely.
*** The new command kill-matching-buffers kills buffers whose name
matches a regexp.
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