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* doc/misc/tramp.texi (Obtaining Tramp): Explain version scheme.

(Traces and Profiles): Add `tramp-verbose' to @vindex.
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......@@ -309,17 +309,33 @@ behind the scenes when you open a file with @value{tramp}.
@chapter Obtaining @value{tramp}
@cindex obtaining @value{tramp}
@cindex GNU ELPA
@vindex tramp-version
@value{tramp} is included as part of Emacs (since Emacs 22.1).
@value{tramp} is also freely packaged for download on the Internet at
@value{tramp} is available as @uref{, GNU ELPA}
@uref{}. The version number of
@value{tramp} can be obtained by the variable @code{tramp-version}.
For released @value{tramp} versions, this is a three-number string
like ``2.4.2''.
A @value{tramp} release, which is packaged with Emacs, could differ
slightly from the corresponding standalone release. This is because
it isn't always possible to synchronize release dates between Emacs
and @value{tramp}. Such version numbers have the Emacs version number
as suffix, like ``''. This means @value{tramp} 2.3.5 as
integrated in Emacs 26.2.
@value{tramp} is also available as @uref{, GNU
ELPA} package. Besides the standalone releases, further minor version
of @value{tramp} will appear on GNU ELPA, until the next @value{tramp}
release appears. These minor versions have a four-number string, like
@value{tramp} development versions are available on Git servers.
Development versions contain new and incomplete features.
Development versions contain new and incomplete features. The
development version of @value{tramp} is always the version number of
the next release, plus the suffix ``-pre'', like ``2.4.3-pre''.
One way to obtain from Git server is to visit the Savannah project
page at the following URL and then clicking on the Git link in the
......@@ -382,7 +398,7 @@ $ autoconf
@c Installation chapter is necessary only in case of standalone
@c installation. Text taken from trampinst.texi.
@c installation.
@ifset installchapter
@include trampinst.texi
@end ifset
......@@ -4462,6 +4478,7 @@ root-directory, it is most likely sufficient to make the
@node Traces and Profiles
@chapter How to Customize Traces
@vindex tramp-verbose
@value{tramp} messages are raised with verbosity levels ranging from 0
to 10. @value{tramp} does not display all messages; only those with a
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