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Document protocols supported by URL library via Tramp

* doc/misc/url.texi (Tramp): New node, describes the URL schemes
supported via Tramp.
(Supported URL Types, file/ftp, rlogin/telnet/tn3270): Mention
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......@@ -373,9 +373,10 @@ for specific schemes.
* rlogin/telnet/tn3270:: Remote host connectivity.
* irc:: Internet Relay Chat.
* data:: Embedded data URLs.
* nfs:: Networked File System
* ldap:: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
* nfs:: Networked File System.
* ldap:: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.
* man:: Unix man pages.
* Tramp:: Schemes supported via Tramp.
@end menu
@node http/https
......@@ -549,8 +550,8 @@ file://@var{user}:@var{password}@@@var{host}:@var{port}/@var{file}
If the URL specifies a local file, it is retrieved by reading the file
contents in the usual way. If it specifies a remote file, it is
retrieved using the Ange-FTP package. @xref{Remote Files,,, emacs,
The GNU Emacs Manual}.
retrieved using either the Tramp or the Ange-FTP package.
@xref{Remote Files,,, emacs, The GNU Emacs Manual}.
When retrieving a compressed file, it is automatically uncompressed
if it has the file suffix @file{.z}, @file{.gz}, @file{.Z},
......@@ -682,7 +683,8 @@ telnet://@var{user}:@var{password}@@@var{host}:@var{port}
@end example
but the @var{password} component is ignored.
but the @var{password} component is ignored. By default, the
@code{telnet} scheme is handled via Tramp (@pxref{Tramp}).
To handle rlogin, telnet and tn3270 URLs, a @code{rlogin},
@code{telnet} or @code{tn3270} (the program names and arguments are
......@@ -798,6 +800,38 @@ The @code{man} scheme is a non-standard one. Such URLs have the form
and are retrieved by passing @var{page-spec} to the Lisp function
@node Tramp
@section URL Types Supported via Tramp
@vindex url-tramp-protocols
Some additional URL types are supported by passing them to Tramp
(@pxref{Top, The Tramp Manual,, tramp, The Tramp Manual}). These
protocols are listed in the @code{url-tramp-protocols} variable, which
you can customize. The default value includes the following
@table @code
@item ftp
The file transfer protocol. @xref{file/ftp}.
@item ssh
@cindex ssh
The secure shell protocol. @xref{Inline Methods,,, tramp, The Tramp
@item scp
@cindex scp
The secure file copy protocol. @xref{External Methods,,, tramp, The
Tramp Manual}.
@item rsync
@cindex rsync
The remote sync protocol.
@item telnet
The telnet protocol.
@end table
@node General Facilities
@chapter General Facilities
......@@ -758,6 +758,7 @@ See the doc string of `sh-indent-after-continuation' for details.
** URL
*** The URL package accepts now the protocols "ssh", "scp" and "rsync".
When `url-handler-mode' is enabled, file operations for these
protocols as well as for "telnet" and "ftp" are passed to Tramp.
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