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Finish off NEWS entry for removed obsolete funcs and vars

parent 64677d90
......@@ -1039,20 +1039,32 @@ Eg simply pass the result through substring-no-properties if you need this.
** The menu bar bindings's caches are not used any more.
Use (where-is-internal <def> nil t) instead.
** The following obsolete functions and aliases were removed:
comint-kill-output, decompose-composite-char, outline-visible,
internal-find-face, internal-get-face, frame-update-faces,
frame-update-face-colors, x-frob-font-weight, x-frob-font-slant,
x-make-font-bold, x-make-font-demibold, x-make-font-unbold
x-make-font-italic, x-make-font-oblique, x-make-font-unitalic
x-make-font-bold-italic, mldrag-drag-mode-line, mldrag-drag-vertical-line,
iswitchb-default-keybindings, char-bytes, isearch-return-char,
** The following obsolete variables and varaliases were removed:
checkdoc-minor-keymap, vc-header-alist, directory-sep-char,
font-lock-defaults-alist, and e (use float-e).
** The following obsolete (mostly since at least 21.1) functions and aliases
have been removed (the appropriate new function is given in parentheses):
comint-kill-output (comint-delete-output),
decompose-composite-char (char-to-string),
outline-visible (outline-invisible-p),
internal-find-face (facep), internal-get-face (facep and check-face),
frame-update-faces (not needed),
frame-update-face-colors (frame-set-background-mode),
x-frob-font-weight and x-frob-font-slant (appropriate make-face-* function),
x-make-font-bold and x-make-font-demibold (make-face-bold),
x-make-font-italic and x-make-font-oblique (make-face-italic),
x-make-font-bold-italic (make-face-bold-italic),
x-make-font-unbold (make-face-unbold),
x-make-font-unitalic (make-face-unitalic),
mldrag-drag-mode-line (mouse-drag-mode-line),
mldrag-drag-vertical-line (mouse-drag-vertical-line),
iswitchb-default-keybindings (iswitchb-mode), char-bytes (== 1),
isearch-return-char (isearch-printing-char), make-local-hook (not needed)
** The following obsolete (mostly since at least 21.1) variables and varaliases
have been removed (the appropriate new variable is given in parentheses):
checkdoc-minor-keymap (checkdoc-minor-mode-map),
vc-header-alist (vc-BACKEND-header), directory-sep-char (== ?/)
font-lock-defaults-alist (font-lock-defaults), and e (float-e).
** The following obsolete files were removed:
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