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......@@ -672,6 +672,10 @@ modes do.
** Minibuffer changes:
*** The new file-name-shadow-mode is turned ON by default, so that when
entering a file name, any prefix which Emacs will ignore is dimmed.
*** There's a new face `minibuffer-prompt'.
Emacs adds this face to the list of text properties stored in the
......@@ -109,6 +109,9 @@ GNU Emacs gives a special meaning to a double slash (which is not
normally a useful thing to write): it means, ``ignore everything before
the second slash in the pair.'' Thus, @samp{/u2/emacs/src/} is ignored
in the example above, and you get the file @file{/etc/termcap}.
By default the ignored part of the file name is made dim if the
terminal allows it. This is affected by the
@code{file-name-shadow-mode} minor mode.
If you set @code{insert-default-directory} to @code{nil}, the default
directory is not inserted in the minibuffer. This way, the minibuffer
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