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Document how to get back the old binding of SPC in file prompts.

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......@@ -261,6 +261,14 @@ need to quote the space with a C-q. The underlying changes in the
keymaps that are active in the minibuffer are described below under
"New keymaps for typing file names".
If you want the old behavior back, put these two key bindings to your
~/.emacs init file:
(define-key minibuffer-local-filename-completion-map
" " 'minibuffer-complete-word)
(define-key minibuffer-local-must-match-filename-map
" " 'minibuffer-complete-word)
** The completion commands TAB, SPC and ? in the minibuffer apply only
to the text before point. If there is text in the buffer after point,
it remains unchanged.
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