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......@@ -684,6 +684,19 @@ of times.
enter a tab, and @kbd{C-j} to enter a newline. You would also type
single backslashes as themselves, instead of doubling them for Lisp syntax.
@findex re-builder
@cindex authoring regular expressions
For easier authoring of regular expressions, you can use the @kbd{M-x
re-builder} command. It provides a convenient interface for creating
regular expressions, by giving immediate visual feedback. The buffer
from which @code{re-builder} was invoked becomes the target for the
regexp editor, which pops in a separate window. Text that matches the
regular expression you typed so far is color marked in the target
buffer. Each parenthesized sub-expression of the regexp is shown in a
distinct face, which makes it easier to verify even very complex
regexps. (On displays that don't support colors, Emacs blinks the
cursor around the matched text, like it does for matching parens.)
@node Search Case, Replace, Regexps, Search
@section Searching and Case
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